About Foot Care Headquarters

Studies show up to 77% of the USA population has had foot pain in their lifetime. Searching the internet to find products for your feet can be overwhelmingly. There are too many options, mixed messages with reviews, misleading advertisements on social media, and inconsistent pricing. 

We are a small USA company founded with the goal to solve the above issues and help consumers and doctors offices find quality and affordable foot and ankle products. With limited staff we have cut down on overhead and passed the savings on to you. Hence, we do not have a call center. For calls and emails we will do our best to respond in the order received. 

Consider Foot Care HQ your go to product broker. We compile recommendations from various foot and ankle specialists and test the products. Then we source them from reliable manufacturers and offer significant cost savings eliminating the middle man. 

Our products change over time as we keep a fairly constant watch on new products on the market, cost saving opportunities, and updated doctor recommendations. We provide shipping at no cost to the customer (free shipping) and products usually arrive within 4-13 days.

Make sure to check sizes when ordering, however many of our products are one size fits most. Given all products are already ’on sale’ with drastic discounts compared to the market and not being able to take back medical equipment that has been tried on all sales are final and there are no refunds, returns, or exchanges.

It’s nice TOE meet you!