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Ankle Stabilization Orthosis Brace

Ankle Stabilization Orthosis Brace

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As always simple, straightforward Information. No gimmicks or marketing tactics:

- Ankle brace, stabilizing

- Commobly worn in athletes for prevention and treatment of ankle conditions

- Can treat non-athletes as well for acute and chronic conditions

What might the foot & ankle experts say about this product: 

- can be used to treat many conditions including but not limited to: ankle sprain/strain, ligament injury ATFL anterior talofibular ligament CFL calcaneal fibular ligament, deltoid ligament injury, syndesmosis or high ankle sprain, PTTD posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, ankle synovitis or effusion, capsulitis, pain at ankle and hindfoot, drop foot, tendon contracture, weak ankles, chronic instability of ankles, etc...

- quick pain relief

- simple and easy to use

- fits well in shoes

- great for sports where stepping on feet and/or ankle rolling is common

- can help prevent a host of foot conditions from progressing

- help with balance and instability 

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