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Toe Sleeve Variety Cut to Fit

Toe Sleeve Variety Cut to Fit

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As always simple, straightforward Information. No gimmicks or marketing tactics:

- Toe sleeve pack that can be cut to fit toes

- Modify to fit and get multiple uses out of one strip of material

What might the foot & ankle experts say about this product: 

- can be used to treat many conditions including but not limited to: hammertoes, hallux malleolus, arthritis or toes, pressure sites such as callus sores or wounds, claw toes, mallet toes, ligament injuries, trauma of toes, padding in shoes, capsulitis or synovitis of toes, pressure from thick or fungal/onychomycosis toenails, off load pressure in shoes.

- quick pain relief

- simple and easy to use

- fits with shoes. can also be effective when walking around house without shoes to provide shock absorber on the bottom of toes

- can aid in re-alignment of toes and maintaining position of toes. prevent toes from hitting each other. 


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