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Equinus Stretch Sock Achilles and Plantar Fasciitis

Equinus Stretch Sock Achilles and Plantar Fasciitis

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As always simple, straightforward Information. No gimmicks or marketing tactics:

- Splint for plantar fasciitis and forefoot equinus

- #1 preferred compared to rigid and bulky night splints

- work great for plantar fasciitis and insertional Achilles problems at back of heel

- Wearing overnight or when sitting might prevent the back and bottom of heel and arch pain when first stand up and moving

- Can improve hammertoes and decrease pressure on front of foot over time. 

- For post static dyskinesia

What might the foot & ankle experts say about this product: 

- can be used to treat many conditions including but not limited to: #1 plantar fascitiis and arch/heel pain, metatarsalgia, plantar plate tears, neuromas, capsulitis, synovitis,  buckling toe deformities, hammertoes, mallet toes, claw toes, bursitis, pes planus, pes cavus, equinus ankle contracture, fat pad atrophy, ligament injury, drop foot, neurological defect etc...

- quick pain relief

- simple and easy to use

- can tolerate wearing overnight

- can help prevent a host of foot conditions

- maintain flexibility and mobility as we age 

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